Insurance Replacements


Insurance Replacements

We provide used phones for insurance and retail sectors amongst others. We ensure that stock is available exactly when needed, thus freeing up customers’ working capital. We can also significantly reduce the risk of holding the wrong devices.

Process of mobile phone insurance replacement

Our Process

By working with all major mobile phone manufacturers, networks and distributors we can help you set up your sales process in the widest network of partners.
Sourcing of replacement mobile phones


We work with many phone operators, mobile phone retailers and insurance companies for ease of sourcing the right product or model part in order to provide the right price.
Refurbished mobile phones


With our knowledge and expertise, we can reduce the time of procurement as well as the cost of purchases.


Our Core Values and Principles

Our mission is to deliver a solution that is quick and professional as well as it is affordable for our customers.

We pledge that all of our phones are Grade A+ to B, meaning that a refurbished phone will be in either pristine or near perfect condition.

We also provide recycling services for mobile phones to ensure that they are disposed of correctly in order to protect the environment.

We aim to give our customers more value by offering a premium and quality guaranteed service in order to provide refurbished and used mobile phones at competitive prices.

Brilliant Client Service

An Insurgent Mindset

Flexibility & Adaptability

People Professionalism

Differentiated Performance

Integrated Innovations


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